Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Leaders are not born, they are made.

Effective leadership is the most pivotal element of our institution. At DPS Kanpur, we take utmost care to inculcate leadership qualities amongst students by providing opportunities to learn and grow. The goal of inspiring student leaders is to create a culture of ownership and collaboration enabling them to become successful leaders of tomorrow.

The Investiture Ceremony at DPS Kanpur aims at instilling values like leadership, sportsmanship and integrity to name a few. It builds confidence and enables them to lead and inspire others within the institution and beyond.

At the felicitation ceremony, these young leaders are ranked with different designations of the student council and vested with authority, dignity and responsibility. The Investiture Ceremony thus, based on values and wisdom, lays a sound foundation in the young minds of students for life providing the first step towards their goal of becoming of global leaders.


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