Jashn 2023

Jashn 2023

Delhi Public School Azaad Nagar, is a premier institution of the city imparting academic excellence with a flair for cultural events and perfection in sports. The ANNUAL CONCERT of DPS Azaad Nagar and its feeder school, DPS Serrvodaya Nagar, JASHN – 2023, A MUSICAL RHAPSODY, was held on Saturday, 16th December 2023, in the sprawling premises of DPS Azaad Nagar. The Honourable Chief Guest on the occasion was Mrs. Saumya Pandey, Additional Labour Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh. Pro-Vice Chairperson D.P.S., Azaad Nagar, Mrs. Bandana Misra and founder of the school Mr. Alok Misra graced the occasion as the Guests of Honour. Mrs. Shilpa Manish,, Principal, D.P.S., Azaad Nagar and Mrs. Manju Passan, Headmistress D.P.S. Serrvodaya Nagar welcomed the esteemed guests.

JASHN 2023 was indeed a celebration of youthful fervor and enthusiasm. It was a feat of extraordinary skill, dexterity and unity. All the esteemed guests were greeted by the radiantly dressed participants. The event was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest and the esteemed guests accompanied by ensemble of voices and symphony of instruments. The ceremony was followed by Shubh Swagatam, a melodious presentation by the school choir, according a hearty welcome to the Gurests.

The programme commenced with ‘Shree Ram Stuti’ to evoke the blessings of the almighty. The students of DPS Azaad Nagar presented a timeless dance of devotion and paid homage to the divine persona of Lord Rama.

To mark the academic achievements, extracurricular successes and overall growth of DPS Servodaya Nagar Head Mistress Mrs. Manju Pasaan presented the school report for the academic session 2023.

‘A Musical Rhapsody,’ the curtain raiser of Jashn 2023 unfolded a sublime composition weaving a symphony of emotions. The agile and skilled dancers of DPS Azaad Nagar encouraged everyone to feel like a star and to live life to the fullest reinforcing the idea of shared celebration and excitement.

A heart touching performance by the Pre-Primary students of DPS Serrvodaya Nagar was Aquatic Elegance, wherein the students displayed the beauty, the fragility and the degradation of our planet’s water bodies.

Thereafter the Annual School Report by the Principal of the DPS Azaad Nagar by Mrs. Shilpa Manish, affirmed the place which the school has carved for itself in the city by achieving countless laurels. The chronology of the notable events included the achievements of the school in academics as well as in sports and cultural activities. The report reiterated that the school is growing by leaps and bounds.

In the presentation Melodic Tapestry, the euphonious singers of DPS Serrvodaya Nagar marvelously synchronized the musical beats and lyrics of Boney M.

The little chickies from pre-primary, beautifully dressed in their vibrant attire prepared for the morning strut to school, presented a well choreographed exciting dance performance in Chick,Chick, Chickey, by DPS Azaad Nagar.

Thereafter, the Founder of the school Mr. Alok Misra applauded the participants of the programme for their hard work and confidence. He inspired the students to aim for the higher skies and utilize the unlimited opportunities which come their way.

Dance is the purest expression of emotions, a true manifestation of feelings. The students of DPS Serrvodaya Nagar presented, Symphony of Colours, in which patriotic fervour was highlighted.

The honourable Chief Guest Mrs. Saumya Pandey, Additional Labour Commissioner Uttar Pradesh addressed the audience. She appreciated the efforts of the participants and their dedication and devotion exhibited in the mega event. She exhorted them to live up to the expectations of their parents and teachers because school life is crucial phase of life as it imparts life skills which helps to succeed in future ventures.

A captivating nostalgic presentation transformed the audience to their childhood days as they witnessed the lyrical comic dance of their favorite characters, ‘Chatur Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu’.

In the illuminating presentation ‘Lok Sanskriti’ from the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, the young folk dancers of DPS Azaad Nagar presented the folk tales of romance and chivalry with movements of stringed puppets and incandescent diyas, showcasing the vibrant music, celebration and fun filled life from the land of dunes.

The universe runs on equality and to sustain, it maintains its balance. The next dance performance by the students of DPS Azaad Nagar, Enigma of the Wild, showcased the response by animals in the woods to the enigmatic circumstance that the human hunters have led them to.

A marvelously choreographed Kaleidoscopic performence demonstrating the vivid culture and heritage of Kerala, Theyyam was presented by the students of DPS Serrvodaya Nagar. Young dancers in heavy make up and adornment of flamboyant costumes, majestic headgears and ornaments filled the audience with sense of awe and wonder, truly making it a Divine Masquerade.

DPS, Azaad Nagar has a unique tradition of honouring the teaching staff, who have been its life force with a token of recognition for their valuable contribution. 25 years is a long time and DPS, Azaad Nagar began its educational journey in the year 1997 from Serrvodaya Nagar and this year i.e. 2023 the school has reached the distinctive landmark of 26 years. As per its annual tradition, the school honoured the teachers who had completed their twenty five, twenty and ten years of service with the institution and were given mementos in recognition of their endeavour in the segment ‘Ten, Twenty and Twenty Five Glorious Years’.

In the Grand Finale the students of DPS Azaad Nagar bestowed a message of unwavering commitment – a timeless pact between the humanity and the environment, to be the guardians who ensure that the pristine purity of Mother Ganga and the boundless beauty of Mother Nature is endured for posterity.

The programme concluded with everyone rising for the National Anthem.