Library on Wheels

Library on Wheels

Dated: 21 March 2023

Reading is a fun and enjoyable activity for students that has a positive impact on their cognitive, emotional and social development. In an attempt to awaken a desire and to develop a culture of reading, “Library on Wheels” was introduced in all the DPS branches that come under the leadership of Mr. Alok Misra.

The concept of the “Moving Library” is very appealing to students as it creates a desire to touch books and to go through them in a relaxed manner. The visual appeal of a “Library on a cart” fascinates the students and they eagerly wait for their turn to browse through a wide range of reading material.

The library contains a variety of books including fiction, non -fiction, epics, travelogues and fairy- tales. Provision of quality and informative books de-stresses the minds of students and encourages them to explore unknown paths.

Students can borrow a book at a time for a maximum period of one week. In exchange they have to donate a book to the library fund. Apart from the many benefits of reading, this teaches them environment conservation and thus can be considered as “recycling at it’s best”.