Importance of Value Education In Schools

Importance of Value Education In Schools

Dated: 22 March 2024

In the words of Dr. Tomas “Value Education is the nurturing of goals which are important to life, anything which enables life to be understood, and evaluated”.

School is the place where the child spends most of his learning years and many attributes of his behaviour which develop for a life time have their roots in school, schools even though include value education as a graded subject, special well planned experiences need to be designed so that students understand the importance of value education in its true sense. Students who receive moral education regularly demonstrate improved academic performance along with motivation to learn and grow. This helps in nurturing pro social behaviour, empathy, co-operation and positive social relationships.

Value Education is more than just imparting knowledge, it is about instilling a set of core values and principles in students that have an impact on their actions throughout their lives. Honesty, sympathy, respect and integrity help to cultivate morally upright citizens who contribute positively to the Society. Value Education promotes tolerance and helps in understanding above and beyond our political, cultural and religious differences.

It refers to an educational approach that focuses on teaching students the values that are important for personal, social, moral and ethical development.