Back on Campus

Back on Campus!

Dated: 20 March 2023

Post the pandemic, we were excited to finally have our students back on campus and resume our offline classes with a new zeal in the academic session 2022-23.

Covid had impacted students round the globe making it difficult to bring the ‘online’ students back to the classroom but our committed teachers with the able guidance of our dedicated heads sprung into action. Their relentless efforts helped students to overcome issues like lack of concentration, digital gadget distraction and the like.

By incorporating a lot of academic activities, we were able to bring the students back to the basics while keeping their interest alive. In adherence to the NEP guidelines, we conducted Class Assemblies, Lesson Enactments, Debates, Quizzes, Role-plays, as well as various Inter-house and Inter-class competitions.

After months of hard work, we could finally see a change. These initiatives rekindled the students’ interest who were now full of enthusiasm and charged with a positive, competitive spirit, ready to soar to greater heights once again.